Wednesday, September 28, 2016

High Protein Breakfasts Suitable for Weight Watchers with Smart Points Values

I always eat high protein breakfasts... I have learned by trial and error over the past several years, that the more protein in relation to fat and carbs that I consume in the morning, the better my day goes.  Protein satisfies me.  Starchy carbs do not.

Some people do very well with eating cereal in the morning... I am not one of them.

I  have tried eating oatmeal with milk and fruit... I have tried bagels with peanut butter and perhaps all-fruit jam... but those things just make me light-headed within an hour and then I get HANGRY... you know, that feeling that you have to eat RIGHT NOW or chew off the arm of the person closest to you!  Nobody wants to be around that person and The Captain, bless him, put up with that for far too many years until I figured it out.

On those three days a week that I do my strength training program in the morning, I have a quick high protein shake about an hour before my workout. which I follow up with a walk.  Then I come in and make breakfast.  I have a few favorites that are very high in protein. I usually add some low glycemic-load veggies or fruit alongside... mostly for the sake of volume and taste.

I do like eggs with turkey bacon or lean ham.  And if there is neither on hand, I will have scrambled egg whites with cottage cheese or plain Greek yogurt, and some fruit.

I love that egg whites have so much protein and no fat, but sometimes I need the extra nutrients that a whole egg provides so I will scramble a whole egg with my egg whites.  It really does increase the satisfaction factor.

Here are some breakfasts that I have eaten recently and have really enjoyed.. and found that they have kept me fully satisfied for 4 to 5 hours till I eat my lunch.  I am sharing the Weight Watchers Smart Point count for each because I know that is important to some of you.

Scrambled egg whites with cottage cheese and mike-softened apple slices, strawberry slices, cinnamon sprinkles.
Total SP = 2

Eggs with lean ham and navel orange pieces.
Total SP  5.

Eggs with turkey bacon and sauteed yellow zoodles.
Total SP = 5.

Scrambled eggs with tomato, onion, and real crumbled bacon, pieces of navel orange.
Total SP = 5.

Scrambled egg and egg whites with fat free Greek yogurt, sauteed apple slices and cinnamon sprinkles.
Total SP = 3.

Eggs with turkey bacon and ruby red grapefruit pieces.
Total SP = 5.

If you like to get a little creative with protein powders, check out some of my breakfast recipes such as my High Protein Puck (2 SP), or  my High Protein Breakfast Puff (2 SP).

If  you must have oatmeal in the morning, have a look at a couple of ways to get more protein into them.  Protein Packed Cheesy Oats (7 SP) is one good idea. 

Some Smart Point counts for common breakfast items:

1 egg = 2 SP
1/2 cup egg whites = 0 SP
1 cup egg whites = 1 SP
4 slices turkey bacon = 1 SP
2 slices lean ham = 1 SP
1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese = 2 SP
1/2 cup fat free plain Greek yogurt = 1 SP
1/4 cup uncooked oats, quick or rolled
most fruit  = 0 SP
most veggies = 0 SP
herbs and spices = 0 SP

What is your favorite breakfast these days? 

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