Monday, December 21, 2015

5 of My Most Popular Recipes in 2015

Looking back over the year, I realized I have posted many fewer recipes than in previous years. I have to admit to doing less experimenting in my own kitchen than I have in the past, and have been enjoying favorites that are already created, way more often.

Here are 5 of the most popular recipes I posted this year. Not only were they viewed, and Pinned quite often, they are dishes that I like to make over and over again myself... so I am going to highlight them here for you, so that you can check them out for yourself if you missed them the first time around.

They are all gluten freen,  and grain free. They may contain eggs or egg whites.  Where I call for a particular brand, use your own favorite version.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do myself!

In no particular order...

Low Carb Revolution Rolls

High Protein Waffles

Ultimate English Muffin

High Fibre Egg White Muffins

PB2 and Banana Waffles

What was your favorite new dish this year?  

Do you experiment in your kitchen or do you stick with the tried and true?

Friday, December 04, 2015

The Captain's 3 Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipes

I don't do a lot of baking anymore, but when the festive season rolls around, it just seems that it is a natural to get out some of The Captain's favorite old cookie recipes and crank up the oven.  These 3 cookies are the ones that I know bring the biggest smile to his face... all delicious and each one just a wee bit special!

His 3 Favorite Holiday Cookies

I have tried all three of these recipes with gluten-free all purpose flour and so can recommend you use that if gluten is an issue for you or your cookie monsters...   Otherwise, just follow these recipes as given... you will not be disappointed. I promise!

Here's the lineup...

Kim's Ginger Crack Cookies

I am not sure where the CRACK in the name of this cookie comes from... CRACK because you cannot stop eating them or CRACK because the batter cracks as it bakes... either way, they are a wonderful light molasses ginger cookie.  if you only make one cookie this Holiday Season, this is the one!

Lemon Snowballs

This is a fun little short-bread like ball that goes so nicely with a cup of hot tea or even cocoa. It is surprising light, too.  And honestly, they melt in your won't break the calorie budget with these so if you are looking for something not too sweet, this one's for you!

Sugar-Crusted Ginger Cookies

These scrumptious crispy cookies have small chunks of candied ginger inside. MMMM.  Just the thing for a true ginger lover and they are an easy icebox cookie.... that means you just roll up the dough, let it cool in the fridge, then slice and bake.  Just right for the baker who doesn't like to mess around!

So, are you a Holiday Baker, too?  

What is your favorite Festive Cookie?

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Favorite Fall Soups... My Current Top 5

It's soup weather at my house!  The best thing about the changing temperatures... getting cooler... is that I start to really enjoy those foods that I tend to think of as Fall Favorites.  You know what I mean... soups, stews, chilis... and it's time to get the slow cooker out of storage, too.

I have so many Fall soups in my lineup and I find it quite difficult to pick out just a few to call favorites, but these all have something a bit unique about them and are different fromo some others that you may find on Pinterest or by Googling so I want to highlight them here and share them with you.

5 Favorite Fall Soups @WeCanBegin2Feed

Some are vegetarian, some are not, but all of them are gluten free and of course, delicious!  If you want, replace the chicken/turkey stock in any of these recipes with a veggie broth, or even plain water. The spices will take care of the flavor!

Here is the lineup.... in no particular order... with links to the original blog posts where you will find the story behind the soup, and of course, the recipe!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do at our house.  Just click on the picture to find the link.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup
(with instructions as to how to roast red peppers in your oven)

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Spicy Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup

Spicy Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup

Better Than Noodle Chicken Soup

Better Thank Noodle Chicken Soup

Cauliflower and Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Cauliflower and Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Curried Coconut Sweet Potato Soup

Curried Coconut Sweet Potato Soup

What is your favorite Fall soup ingredient?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Ultimate English Muffin, Gluten Free and Grain Free

This recipe for my Ultimate English Muffin is one that I have been fine tuning and tweaking for the past several weeks.  I am finally satisfied that I have it right and am ready to share it. Actually, I am very excited to share it because I think it fills a real need for many of us.  It certainly has for me.

I have been living gluten free (or as much as possible) for a couple of years now, and mostly grain free, too. I have tried a few of the gluten free breads and rolls on the market and even though I have found a couple that are acceptable in taste and texture, I just don't think that all those substitute 'flours' are good for me on any kind of a regular basis.  I really don't want to eat all those carbs either. And let's not even discuss how expensive they are!

But let's be honest.  Occasionally I like to have a sandwich.  Even though my Low Carb Flatbread and Low Carb Tortillas are great, I don't always have some on hand... or thawed, as I do store them in the freezer.  I needed to come up with something new made from ingredients I normally have in the cupboard and fridge, and that make up quickly and without a lot of fuss.

These little faux English Muffins fill the bill.  I have decided to call them Ultimate English Muffins because I am using a bit of North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse to give them a bit of body... NCN sent me this product several months ago to sample and test, and I have been using it a lot ever since.  You can use either ground flax seed or psyllium husk (or a bit of both).  I have tested the recipe with both and it is just fine.

However, here is a bit of a warning.  Don't leave out the olive oil. They don't work. And don't use coconut oil either. I tried it. Fail.  For some reason coconut oil doesn't mix well with the hot water and cold egg whites.

I am really pleased with the texture of these little muffins.  I have eaten them untoasted and also toasted, and I prefer the latter.  They could be dressed up with the addition of cinnamon or savory herbs, I am sure.

I use a glass container to cook them in the mike. It is about 3-1/2 inches in diameter. I think you could use something a bit smaller if you like... but anything bigger will make them too thin to slice easily.

I would love to know what you think if you give them a try... and I hope you will if you are looking for a gluten free, grain free English Muffin.

Ultimate English Muffin by @WeCanBegin2Feed

Ultimate English Muffin
Makes 1 muffin
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1 Tbs hot water
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 Tbs coconut flour
  • 1 tsp North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse (or flax seed or psyllium husk)
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  1. Beat the egg whites, water, and olive oil in a medium bowl.
  2. Add the coconut flour, Ultimate Daily Cleanse, and baking powder.
  3. Beat again. The coconut flour will thicken as it absorbs the moisture.
  4. Pour batter into microwave safe dish.
  5. Cook in the mike for 2 minutes.
  6. Remove the muffin from the dish with a spatula and turn out onto a cooling rack for several minutes.
  7. Slice in half and toast if desired.
Per serving.
Weight Watchers P+ = 3.

Calories 109
Fat 6.1g
Sat. Fat 1.7g
Carbohydrates 6.1g
Sugar .5g
Fibre 3.4g
Protein 7.3g

Did you notice a change in the way I have reported the Nutritional Information for this recipe?

Starting with this recipe, I am offering more N.I. details than I previously have. I have been reading more and more lately about how important it is for us to reduce sugar and saturated fats in our diet (Zero Belly Diet by David Zinczenko) so I am going to report those statistics for my recipes.  I use either Fit Day or My Fitness Pal to do my calculations so they are as accurate as I can make them, based on the ingredients I quote.


Weight Watchers released their new SmartPoints food program on December 6th, 2015. It also concentrates on saturated fat and sugar, so I wanted to share the SmartPoints values for this recipe as well.

Per serving.
Weight Watchers SmartPoints = 3.

Calories 109
Fat 6.1g
Sat. Fat 1.7g
Carbohydrates 6.1g
Sugar .5g
Fibre 3.4g
Protein 7.3g

Ultimate English Muffin
Before popping into the mike.

Ultimate English Muffin
And after cooking.

Ultimate English Muffin
Cook on rack for a few minutes before slicing.

Ultimate English Muffin
After slicing....

Ultimate English Muffin
and toasting.

Ultimate English Muffin
These are toasted a bit more.

Ultimate English Muffin
With a bite gone so you can see the inner texture.

Ultimate English Muffin
And the ultimate breakfast sandwich!

Printable Recipe

What do you think? Is this something you might like to try?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Spicy Roasted Carrots

Ah, Thanksgiving Dinner... it's over... and we are enjoying the leftovers a little at a time.  The turkey carcass is in the freezer waiting to be hoisted into the crock pot to make soup... in a few weeks when the weather gets a bit cooler.

This year there were just the two of us for dinner so I made sure to serve things the way that The Captain likes them.  If left to his own choices, he would have a big plateful of turkey, bread stuffing, and potatoes... topped with gravy and cranberries.  So, I like to come up with a vegetable side dish that he will find particularly appealing, and that I will enjoy too.

I decided to do something with carrots.  And, rather than just cutting them up and steaming them, I chose to roast them with some spices.  It definitely made them a bit more special and added eye appeal as well.  And don't you eat with your eyes? I know I do. The spices were a nice contrast to the rest of the dinner and complimented the turkey quite nicely.

I will definitely be making this dish again.

It's easy and quick and can be prepped ahead of time... it can even be cooked ahead of time and then either kept warm or reheated if you like. I baked it in a serving dish to make it really easy.  If you are feeding a larger group, or want to have some for leftovers, double or triple the recipe and use a cookie sheet for cooking.

Spicy Roasted Carrots by @WeCanBegin2Feed

Spicy Roasted Carrots
Makes 2 servings

  • 3 large carrots, washed and cut into 1/4-inch slices, slightly on the diagonal
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F.
  2. Coat baking dish lightly with a non-stick spray.
  3. Place the carrot slices and spices in a bag and shake a few times till the carrot slices are covered with the spice mixture.
  4. Pour the carrots onto the baking dish and place in the oven.
  5. Cook for 30 minutes.
  6. Remove from oven and serve warm.
If you are a Weight Watcher, then you know that carrots are a zero-point veggie... so I am not bothering with nutritional information here.

Printable Recipe

Spicy Roasted Carrots
Ready to pop into the oven.

What is your favorite way to prepare carrots?

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Yes, it's that time of year again!  Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated in October so officially, the 2nd Monday of the month is Thanksgiving Day... it's a long weekend in Canada and the holiday takes many forms.  Some people have their celebrations on Sunday while others wait till Monday.... the latter has always been my preference.

I do love to roast a turkey... it is such an easy meal to prepare.  I no longer stuff the bird so it only takes a few hours to cook in the oven.  And without stuffing, the meat is so moist and tender.

I make a stove-top bread stuffing for anyone who wants it and we always have lots of vegetables... including white potatoes and sweet potatoes, too.

If you are interested in a gluten-free traditional turkey dinner, check out this post... with recipes for all the items on the menu:

Roasted turkey and potatoes
Turkey gravy
Quinoa dressing
Homemade cranberry sauce
Steamed carrots
Crustless Pumpkin Pie

What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sesame Chicken in the Crock Pot

Yes, another crock pot chicken recipe today... when I have the crock pot out of our storage area I like to use it two or three times before tucking it away again.  It is just too big a beast to keep in my kitchen cupboards on a full-time basis.  This time it is Sesame Chicken in the Crock Pot and it is darned good!

If you like a bit salty, and and can appreciate that bit of smoke flavor that dark sesame oil offers, then this is for you.  Basically, as with most crock pot dishes, you just put it all in the pot and let it simmer for a few hours.

I served it for dinner the first night I made it, and becuase there were just the 2 of us, I froze the leftovers and we enjoyed it again a few days later.  We chose to have it with rice for The Captain, and cauliflower 'rice' for me, along with some steamed green string beans.

If you make it with tamari it will be gluten free... if that is not a concern, then go ahead and use regular soy sauce. I have not tried it with coconut aminos... which would make it Paleo, but go ahead... I cannot see why it wouldn't work just fine.

Sesame Chicken in the Crock Pot by @WeCanBegin2Feed

Sesame Chicken in the Crock Pot
Makes 4 servings.
  • 18 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 3/4 cup white onion, sliced vertically
  • 2 cloves garlic, peeled, smashed and minced
  • 1/2 cup tamari
  • 2 tsp dark sesame oil
  • 1 Tbs tahini
  1. Lightly coat crock pot with non-stick spray or for easy cleanup.
  2. Cut chicken breasts into 1-1/2 inch chunks and place in bottom of crock pot.
  3. Spread the onion slices and garlic over the top of the chicken.
  4. In a small bowl, mix together the tamari, dark sesame oil and tahini.  Don't worry if it doesn't completely blend smoothly.
  5. Pour over the contents of the crock pot.
  6. Cover and cook on LOW for 4 or 5 hours.
  7. Remove and serve over rice, quinoa or cauliflower rice.
Per serving.
Weight Watchers P+ = 5.
Calories 177; Protein 28g; Carbohydrates 6g; Fat 5.5g; Fibre .5g.

Sesame Chicken in the Crock Pot by @WeCanBegin2Feed
Over rice for him...

Sesame Chicken in the Crock Pot by @WeCanBegin2Feed
and cauliflower rice for me.

Are you a fan of smoky dark sesame oil, too?

Have you taken your crock pot out of storage yet this Fall or do you use it all year round?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Crock Pot Chicken with Coconut Curry Peanut Sauce

I have to admit that the idea for this dish is not my own... but the original recipe I saw had so many more ingredients in it... that I decided to simplify it and share it with you as I prepared it.  It's a long title I k,now Crock Pot Chicken with Coconut Curry Peanut Sauce but I didn't want to leave out any of the important descriptors!

I understand that there are lots of great peanut flours out there right now... I have yet to try any but PB2 so I am calling for it here. I use it on a regular basis, actually and only enjoy real peanut butter as an occasional treat these days. When I need it in quantities, such as for this recipe, I always use PB2.

Anyway, it's very easy... toss it all into the crock pot and let it simmer for  6 or 7 hours.  And enjoy the aroma as it cooks!  You're welcome.

It is a creamy and very thick sauce. And because this dish has so much meat in it, and I had mine over cauliflower rice, I didn't bother with more veggies as a side dish.  But I think it would be nice with a few slices of steamed carrots or green beans.

Crock Pot Chicken with Coconut Curry Peanut Sauce

Crock Pot Chicken with Coconut Curry Peanut Sauce
Makes 2 large servings
  • 2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts (approx 12 ounces in total)
  • 1 Tbs curry powder
  • 1/2 tsp coriander
  • 1 clove garlic, peeled, smashed and minced
  • 1 tsp grated ginger
  • 1 cup light coconut milk
  • 4 Tbs PB2
  • 2 green onions, cut into 1/2-inch lengths
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Lightly coat crock pot with a non-stick spray for easy cleanup.
  2. Cut chicken into chunks about 1-1/2 inches square and place in the bottom of the crock pot.
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. In a medium bowl, mix the curry powder, coriander, garlic, and ginger.
  5. Add the PB2 and coconut milk and stir altogether till well blended.
  6. Pour the mixture over the chicken and make sure all the pieces are well coated.
  7. Cover the crock pot and cook on LOW for 6 to 7 hours.
  8. Remove and serve over rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice.
  9. Garnish with green onion slices, and season with salt and pepper to taste.
Per serving.
Weight Watchers P+ = 5.
Calories 240; Protein 39g; Carbohydrates 8g; Fat 8g; Fibre 2g.

Are you a peanut flour fan?  What is your favorite brand?

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Pumpkin Protein Cake with Turmeric

I just wanted to share another one of my latest breakfast recipes that uses turmeric... Pumpkin Protein Cake with Turmeric...  you know I love turmeric, and am working it into my food plan more and more lately.

This is a great high protein and low carb breakfast treat... and it is delicious and very filling!  This cake is dense and doesn't rise much, even with the baking powder.

I used North Coast Naturals Vege Pro-7 protein powder in this recipe. Feel free to use your own favorite.

Pumpkin Protein Cake with Turmeric

Pumpkin Protein Cake with Turmeric
Makes 1 cake, and divide into 2 servings.
  • 1/2 cup cooked pumpkin
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 2 Tbs vanilla unsweetened Almond Breeze
  • 1 Tbs chia seeds
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  1. Beat all ingredients together and allow to sit for a few minutes till chia seeds begin to swell.
  2. Pour batter into a microwave safe dish which has been lightly coated with a non-stick spray.
  3. Cook on HIGH for 3 minutes, then check that the batter is not rising too high and running over the edge of the baking dish. 
  4. Then cook on HIGH for another 3 minutes.
  5. Remove from mike and let rest 4 or 5 minutes.
  6. Remove cake, divide in half and place into 2 serving dishes.
  7. Top as you like.
Per serving of 1/2 of the cake, without toppings.
Weight Watchers P+ = 3.
Calories 130; Protein 14g; Carbohydrate 7g; Fat 4g; Fibre 3g.

Printable Recipe

Pumpkin Protein Cake with Turmeric
Just look at the beautiful color of this batter!

Pumpkin Protein Cake with Turmeric
Ready to pop into the mike.

Halved, plated and topped.

MMMMM!  Enjoy!

Have you broken out the pumpkin yet?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pumpin Protein Waffles with Turmeric and My Golden Milk

A week or so ago, I joined a new fitness blogging group on Facebook and one of the first conversations I read and took part in, was about turmeric... it's health benefits and how to add it into our diets.

I knew that turmeric has long been considered a superfood by many in the healthy living community, and I have thought from time to time that I would like to start using it more often, but it was this FB chatter that really prompted me to act.

I purchased a 100-gram bag of pure turmeric and that same day made my first cup of Golden Milk. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been making it every couple of days since.  I did use a recipe that I found online, but changed it a bit.   The author does not take credit for it and said that this recipe and variations have been around forever, so I am taking the liberty to share my own version.

If you don't use Stevia, you may want to put a spoonful of honey into this mixture.  It will counteract and bitterness you may taste in the turmeric and make you feel like you are having a luscious treat!

Golden Milk

Golden Milk
Makes 1 serving.
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1 tsp tahini
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • healthy dash of cinnamon
  • small dash of black pepper
  • bit of Stevia to sweeten
  1. Place all ingredients in a saucepan on the stove over MEDIUM-HIGH heat and stir till well-combined.  Do not let boil.
  2. Remove to cup and enjoy!
Per serving.
Weight Watchers P+ = 2.
Calories 73; Protein 2g; Carbohydrate 3g; Fat 6g; Fibre 1g.

Golden Milk

Golden Milk

 I was pleased, too, that The Captain liked the taste and texture of it. It is quite thick and creamy.

And now I am working on coming up with more and different ways to add turmeric to our diet.  It has a very brilliant orange color, so it seems a natural to me that it would go more readily into dishes we already expect to be orange.  Don't you agree?  And because the mornings are getting cooler here, well at least a little bit cooler, I pulled a can of pumpkin out of the pantry and set about to making some pumpkin protein waffles... I knew that I could easily hide the turmeric in this batter because it is already orange with pure pumpkin....yup, pumpkin season is about to launch, and so Pumpkin Protein Waffles with Turmeric were born!

Just make sure that if you are using canned pumpkin that you select pure pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling in this recipe.  As for me, I cannot wait till fresh pumpkins are in the local markets as I do love baking and cooking with them.

I recently received some Vege Pro-7 Protein Powders from North Coast Naturals, so I chose to use the vanilla flavor in these waffles. Vege PRO-7 is very tasty and it features super foods like organic bio-fermented whole grain brown rice, organic sprouted chia, organic Canadian hemp protein, organic pumpkin seed, and other nutrient-dense proteins.  And it has no added artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours. Vege PRO-7 is also made without wheat, soy, dairy, egg, gluten or pea.  And I love it because it is also low fat and low carb, too.  But of course you should use your favorite protein powder.

I also used North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse to add a bit of bulk and more nutrients to my batter. You can use ground flax seeds if you like.

And, one more thing.... I understand that some people find the taste of turmeric a bit bitter, so add a sweetener to this recipe if you must. I didn't, as I think the cinnamon negates any bitter taste, and I topped my waffles with a bit of sugar free syrup and a couple of banana slices.

My recipe makes 2 servings so either share with your friend, or freeze some for another day.  You could also cut it in half.

Pumpkin Protein Waffles with Turmeric

Pumpkin Protein Waffles With Turmeric
Makes 2 servings
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup pure pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup egg whites (4)
  • 2 large fresh eggs
  • 2 Tbs Ultimate Daily Cleanse or ground flax seeds
  • 1 heaping tsp turmeric
  • dash of cinnamon
  1. Mix all ingredients together and let sit for a couple of minutes.
  2. Cook in your waffle make according to directions... I used half for each of 2 double waffles.
  3. Keep covered and warm till ready to serve. 
  4. Top as desired.
Per serving, without toppings
Weight Watchers P+ = 5.
Calories 195, Protein 25.1g; Carbohydrates 10g; Fat 7g; Fibre 6.3g.

Pumpkin Protein Waffles with Turmeric

Pumpkin Protein Waffles with Turmeric\

Are you ready for pumpkin season too?

Do you add turmeric to your diet?  What is your favorite way?

Friday, August 14, 2015

High Fibre Egg White Muffins

I think that egg whites are a really good way to get some extra protein into my daily menu. I often start my day with egg whites or eggs mixed with egg whites as the base for omelets crammed with a variety of healthy veggies... tomatoes, onions, spinach, peppers... you get the picture.

You may have heard that I am giving carb cycling a try these days... and yes, fitting it within my Weight Watchers program quite nicely, for those who are wondering.  These High Fibre Egg White Muffins are great for my low carb/higher fat days.  I love them as an after workout snack or to satisfy that mid afternoon urge to nibble, too.

They are very portable, but require a cooler if you plan to store them for more than an hour or so.

They are really simple, only require a few ingredients... if you don't use the North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse (and why don't you?) then you could try ground flax seeds, or a mixture of ground flax and crushed psyllium husk.

I like them slightly sweetened, but leave out the Stevia if you like... and feel free to slather them with nut butter after they have cooled a bit... or have them with a bit of cheese.  Mmmmmm.

High Fibre Egg White Muffins by @WeCanBegin2Feed

High Fibre Egg White Muffins
Makes 6 muffins
  • 1 cup egg whites (or 8 egg whites)
  • 2 Tbs Ultimate Daily Cleanse
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • Dash of Stevia
  1. Preheat oven to 375F.
  2. Beat all the ingredients together in a medium bowl.
  3. Spoon batter into 6 prepared muffin cups.
  4. Bake for 15 minutes.
  5. Remove from oven and allow to cool.
  6. Store leftovers in refrigerator for up to one day.
Per serving of 2 muffin2, no toppings.
Weight Watchers P+ = 1.
Calories 59; Protein 10g; Carbohydrate 3.5g; Fat 1.2g; Fibre 1.9g.

High Fibre Egg White Muffins by @WeCanBegin2Feed

High Fibre Egg White Muffins by @WeCanBegin2Feed

High Fibre Egg White Muffins by @WeCanBegin2Feed

What is your favorite after-workout recovery snack?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Get Lean Gluten Free Cookbook Review

Look what landed in my mail box last week!  It could not have come at a better time for me.

I put my hand up and said 'yes, please' to accepting a copy of this new book from Jeremy Scott Fitness through my association with FitFluential.  But before it arrived, I really little idea what to expect and had no assurance I would even like it.

And I don't like it... I LOVE it!

This book is a great reference for anyone who wants to live gluten free and not gain weight doing it.

It starts out with 9 tips to going gluten free, getting lean, and staying that way.  And then goes on to offer a 10 day guide for carb cycling to boost your metabolism and burn fat.  There are easy-to-understand meal templates and 40 lovely recipes that fit into the plan.  Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks.  They are easy to follow and use ingredients you likely already have in your pantry.

Even if you are not living gluten free, you can certainly enjoy these recipes and the carb cycling meal plan that is based on whole, real, unprocessed foods. 

This book is available at Amazon and I hope you will go and grab a copy for yourself.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Healthful Gluten-Free Waffles

Most of the waffles I have been making lakely have been with a mixture of protein powder and egg whites with with a pinch of baking powder thrown in...  they are really tasty, make up quickly, and have lots of protein... great on mornings when I am in a hurry to get moving.

But sometimes I like to take more time preparing a heartier breakfast... that often turns into brunch, really. That is the case with what I am calling my Healthful Gluten-Free Waffles.  'Healthful' because of the ingredients I have chosen to use in them.  And heartier because they kept me satisfied right through my normal lunch time.

I should also add that The Captain loved them... win win win!

NCN Ultimate Daily Cleanse

I have had a bag of North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse sitting in my pantry for several months now.  It was in the last shipment of goodies I received to test and I admit to being somewhat intimidated by it... not really knowing what to do with it. But, today, when I thought I would use some ground flax seed in my new waffle mixture, I decided to open that bag and try some of the Ultimate Daily Cleanse instead. I am so glad I did!

It is a mixture of six natural ingredients:
  • Ground 100% Canadian prairie flax seed (soluble & insoluble fibre & EFAs)
  • Ground psyllium seed husk (soluble & insoluble fibre)
  • Inulin fibre from chicory root (prebiotic fibre)
  • Ground organic sprouted chia seed (superior nutrients, fibre and EFAs)
  • Ground organic sprouted brown rice bran powder (soluble & insoluble fibre)
  • Probiotics (1 billion good bacteria cells from non-dairy lactobacillus fermentum; provides the same healthy probiotic goodness associated with yogurt, without the taste or the dairy)
And I should add that it is dairy free, soy free and wheat/gluten free as well.... an all-natural blend that promotes healthy regularity.  You can check it out at North Coast Naturals web site if you are interested.

Okay then...

So as to start out gently and ease into using it, I substituted 2 Tbs of the Ultimate Daily Cleanse for the 2 Tbs of ground flax seed that I would have used in this recipe.  I didn't notice any taste or texture whatsoever.

I used a bit of maple syrup, some banana slices and shredded coconut to dress up my waffles.... so delicious!

Healthful Gluten-Free Waffles

Healthful Gluten-Free Waffles
Makes 2 servings

  • 4 whole eggs
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
  • 2 Tbs Ultimate Daily Cleanse
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  1. Crack the eggs into a medium bowl and beat till fluffy.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and beat again till the batter is smooth. It will be lumpy. Keep beating.
  3. Pour half the mixture into a hot waffle iron and allow to cook about 5 minutes.
  4. Remove to plate. Cover to keep warm.
  5. Repeat with second half of batter.
  6. Serve with your favorite waffle toppings.
Per serving without toppings.
Weight Watchers P+ = 6.
Calories 232; Protein 15g; Carbohydrate 11g; Fat 14g; Fibre 8g.

Mix that batter
Keep mixing the batter till the lumps are gone!

Just cooked waffles
Cover the cooked waffles till all the batter has been used.

Dressed up waffles
And then dress them up before serving!

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