Friday, December 04, 2015

The Captain's 3 Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipes

I don't do a lot of baking anymore, but when the festive season rolls around, it just seems that it is a natural to get out some of The Captain's favorite old cookie recipes and crank up the oven.  These 3 cookies are the ones that I know bring the biggest smile to his face... all delicious and each one just a wee bit special!

His 3 Favorite Holiday Cookies

I have tried all three of these recipes with gluten-free all purpose flour and so can recommend you use that if gluten is an issue for you or your cookie monsters...   Otherwise, just follow these recipes as given... you will not be disappointed. I promise!

Here's the lineup...

Kim's Ginger Crack Cookies

I am not sure where the CRACK in the name of this cookie comes from... CRACK because you cannot stop eating them or CRACK because the batter cracks as it bakes... either way, they are a wonderful light molasses ginger cookie.  if you only make one cookie this Holiday Season, this is the one!

Lemon Snowballs

This is a fun little short-bread like ball that goes so nicely with a cup of hot tea or even cocoa. It is surprising light, too.  And honestly, they melt in your won't break the calorie budget with these so if you are looking for something not too sweet, this one's for you!

Sugar-Crusted Ginger Cookies

These scrumptious crispy cookies have small chunks of candied ginger inside. MMMM.  Just the thing for a true ginger lover and they are an easy icebox cookie.... that means you just roll up the dough, let it cool in the fridge, then slice and bake.  Just right for the baker who doesn't like to mess around!

So, are you a Holiday Baker, too?  

What is your favorite Festive Cookie?

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  1. No, because I would be the one that eats them. No control when sugar enters my system


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