About Me

I happily share my life with my husband of more than 20 adventurous years.  And, although we no longer have her, The Captain and I spent many happy years living aboard our sloop, sailing the inland Pacific waters off the coast of BC.  We recently moved into a lovely old neighborhood in Victoria and have embraced the urban lifestyle and routine.... West Coast living at it's relaxed best.

I love to run and work out, and we keep busy with golf and tennis and a variety of activities.  We  love to travel and enjoy socializing with family and dear friends.

Although I work part time for Weight Watchers, I am interested in many other food plans and programs. I am fascinated with everything related to food and it's preparation.

I love to cook and to assemble delicious and beautiful meals.  I want to share special recipes and interesting food ideas. I have a wide variety of food styles and ethnic dishes to share with you... Paleo. Gluten-free. Vegan. Vegetarian. Decadent. Rich. Colorful. Nutritious. Wicked.  All delicious and  everything here has been tested in my kitchen and comes with Weight Watchers Points Plus values.  Some of the recipes are my own; many I have collected from a variety of sources. I rarely follow a recipe exactly as I find it.

I believe that food not only fuels our bodies, but nourishes our souls and enhances our lives.

If you try any of the recipes or ideas you find here I would love to hear from you.



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