Thursday, April 05, 2012

Happy Easter to You!

Every Easter, no matter where we are, I hardboil and then color, a dozen eggs for The Captain.  I have done them every year since were first together.  One year we were in Edmonton over Easter weekend, staying and shopping at West Edmonton Mall.  On Easter Sunday morning he was so surprised that I had done the eggs at home, in secret, and brought them along on our trip.

Yesterday I hardboiled the eggs and after they cooled, I put them in the fridge...

 tomorrow I will be coloring them, using the same method I use every year.

Eggs are such a high protein food and at only 2P+ each, a real bargain in Weight Watchers 'speak'.

Do you color eggs?  Do you have other Easter Traditions at your house?

My older sister is a very creative artist.  She used to make these beautiful sugar eggs and I had one on display in our home for years.  When we left our house and moved onto the boat, I gave it to a friend of mine... wonder if she still has it.

However you celebrate Easter, I hope it is happy and sunny!

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