Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Easter

It’s almost that time of year again… Easter is one of our favorite holidays.  Easter is such a happy and hopeful time of year.  It means Spring, Renewal, Rebirth, Salvation… whether you celebrate the religious aspects of Easter or not, you have to agree that is a joyous holiday.

Happy Easter

I have enjoyed coloring eggs for Easter since I was a small child - first with my Mother and older Sister, and then with my younger Brother.  And since The Captain and I have been together, I have been doing them for him every year. Sometimes on a stove in a kitchen in a house… sometimes on the small propane stove in the galley of our sailboat… both in the marina and out at anchor.

It is one of our mainstay traditions. I color them. He love to eat them!

This year will be no different… I am going to hardboil and then color the shells of a dozen eggs on Good Friday.  He has already reminded me about it.  What he doesn’t know is that this year I bought a little coloring kit at a local $$ store and am going to really do up his eggs purty! 

Apr 16 Easter egg kit 001

Normally I just dye them with food coloring and a bit of white vinegar.  You can read about my technique for hardboiling and then coloring the eggs here.

Colored Eggs for Easter

And last year I also colored the insides of a few, too.  Click this link to read how I did it.

Colored Insides of Easter Eggs

Colored Insides of Easter Eggs 2

But this year I am going to use the dye tablets and stickers that came in the package and make them fancy and gaudy, just for a change.  Wonder what he’ll think when he sees them.

Then I think we will head over to the Children’s Farm to see the baby goats and new piglets.  Can’t wait!  There may even be some new ducklings in the park.

Do you color eggs?  Do you ever do egg hunts with your family?

What is your favorite thing about Easter?


  1. I get a little sad around Easter (and XMAS) because these were my Grandmother's favorite holidays. For Easter she would hide bunnies, eggs, baskets, candy, etc all around our back and front yard and we would have to go search for them, for hours. It was so much fun!! Awwww! I love her.

    1. Ah, thanks for sharing those lovely memories. Very sweet. :)


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