Sunday, July 10, 2016

My High Protein Puck... What?

This is something that  am so excited to share with you!  I like to make sure I get lots of protein into my day.  I know it helps keep me fuelled and satisfied.  I often use protein powder throughout the day for meals and snacks... but not always in smoothies or shakes. I like to make 'sludges' and I also like to bake with various powders.

I am a big fan of these high protein cakes that I can cook up quicky in my microwave oven.  I stir up a few ingredients,  then pop into the mike for a couple of minutes, top and enjoy.  The Captain calls my little creations pucks.  So High Protein Puck it is...

That name would imply that they are hard... however they are anything BUT!  They are cake-like but not crumbly.  And, they are filling and nutritious.

Depending on the ingredients I use, they work nicely into a low carb/high fat day or a high carb/low fat day on my eating plan.  They are gluten free and Paleo.

Here are a few that I have been making lately.  They work for breakfast or for an after-workout or afternoon snack, and they are very portable, too. Pop one into a ziplock bag and off you go!

The basic recipe is:

  • 2 Tbs of protein powder (about 20g in weight)
  • 2 Tbs mashed fruit
  • 3 Tbs liquid egg whites
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • Mix together and cook in microwave safe dish that has been coated with a non-stick spray or coconut oil, for 3 minutes. (Mine is about 4-1/2 inches across)

Very simple. Very quick. Very tasty and satisfying!  And the possibilities for variations are limited.

I started out by using a vanilla pea protein powder, but have also used a hemp powder too.  I am sure you could use any favorite of your own.  If you stay with pumpkin for your fruit base and choose a low-carb protein powder, you have a good puck for your low carb days.

I have also used these to make high protein trifle... tear one up in a bowl and add yogurt or whipped cream and berries and if you like, add some pudding. Delicious!  And so much better for you than CAKE!

Here are some ideas...

Hemp powder with applesauce, topped with Greek yogurt, banana and berries

Pumpkin, topped with cottage cheese and berries

Pumpkin topped with chocolate PB2 and banana

Applesauce topped with chocolate PB2 and banana

Applesauce topped with Laughing Cow cheese and cinnamon

Applesauce... puck in hand to show the size

Applesauce... made in a smaller dish so I could let it cool a bit and then cut in half to toast...

and top with peanut butter

Hemp powder with applesauce, topped with Protein Plus peanut flour/water and sugar free syrup

I have not provided my calculations for the different N.I. with the various ingredients. But I can assure you that they will be only 2 or 3 WW Smart Points, depending on the protein powder you select.

What is your favorite high protein snack?

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  1. I make something similar, but without the mashed fruit..I will try that though.

    Strawberries are in season here so I have been slicing them up then microwave on medium fir a minute so they are 'stewed', no sweetener required and they are fabulous on the puck..the juices seep right in, kind of like a strawberry shortcake but healthier :)


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