Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kitchen Mishaps and Minor Disasters

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago I made a batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies for my sister-in-law who was about to pay us a visit, along with her husband… and I had a bit of an OOPS! with the cookie dough.

I creamed some butter in a large bowl and added some brown sugar and beat. and then I added some salt instead of white sugar into the batter.  After several minutes I realized my error and threw the whole mess away… washed my hands, got out some clean utensils and started over. Arghhh!

But after I finally and successfully made those cookies, I started thinking about a few other minor kitchen disasters I have had over the years.  I haven’t blown anything up, but I did start a fire in the toaster once, and I have had several minor burns and cuts… one that resulted in stitches at the ER.

The year I cooked my first ever Christmas turkey, we had guests on Christmas Eve for dinner.  I did a very traditional meal… roast turkey with all the fixin’s and after our guests were wined and dined and gone home, I set the leftover turkey in the oven to get it out of the way while I did the dishes… I found it 3 days later when I opened the oven door to bake some cookies (hmmm…. probably chocolate chip)  and found the little carcass there, wearing a green fuzzy coat, and smelling pretty rank. 

That is not something I will likely ever forget… the color of that mold or the smell of it either!

So this reminiscing got me to wondering what kinds of things other people get up to in their kitchens. I asked some Fitfluential friends to share some of their culinary mishaps and here are some of the responses I got.  I swear you can’t make this stuff up!

I know you will enjoy these stories as much as I did! Go ahead and CLICK on the highlighted text to link to the original blog post and see their pictures, too.

Carrie also shared a recipe with me by email and a picture of the results of cooking what was supposed to be Protein Pancakes – Carrie is a pancake LOVER in case you didn’t know.

The ingredients sound good -  1/3c ground oats, 1 serving Whey protein, 1 egg, almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon and ½ tsp. baking powder. 

And Carrie’s comment?  “Not sure what went wrong.  They were awful.”
Yes, they do look a little crunchy, Carrie!

And Tamara from fitknitchick sent me a message with this cute story… in her own words:
I love to bake for my family. I'm always taking not-so-clean recipes and trying to 'healthify' them. I often add wheat germ, bran, chia and flax seed to cookies, cakes and muffins to boost their nutritional impact.
My daughter's very favourite dessert is a one pot, stove-top brownie. One day I was a bit heavy handed with the flax seed. They turned out very dry and grainy and did not pass the child's 'sweet tooth' test. My husband called it a 'flaxident'; we still refer to the incident every time I make that recipe!”
Thanks to all of you for sharing yourselves and your foibles… it makes me feel so much better knowing that some of you make mistakes in the kitchen too!
Do you have a kitchen mishap story that you would like to share with me too?


  1. I fully accept that kitchen mishaps are a fact of life for me :-)
    Thanks for including my post!

  2. I swear my LIFE is one big kitchen disaster :-)
    off to read the links as I NEED MY LIFE NORMALIZED.

  3. So nice to know I'm not the only one! I guess it's like anything -- if you don't make a mistake you aren't challenging yourself enough! ;-)

  4. Too funny! The extend of my kitchen mishaps usually involves burning food. I think I've perfected charred very well sometimes!

  5. Yes absolutely! Sometimes I get over creative and it shows lol

  6. YES! Love this! We are all human! OMG... I have a funny story.... So I was SUPER HUNGRY one night and I was cooking a delicious dinner - Some Arctic Char... Well, when i took it out of the oven and was plating it, I guess... WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED but... The fish wound up on the floor. I was so pissed and I am TOTALLY NOT ONE TO WASTE FOOD... SO I just picked it up and ate it, but man I was so mad and I couldn't help but think how many germs I was eating - LOL! I might as well have just sat on the floor and ate it off the ground, LOL!


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