Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coconut Flour Coffee Cake for The Captain's Birthday

When this Coconut Flour Coffee Cake recipe appeared in my Facebook feed this morning I knew it would be just the thing for The Captain’s birthday cake.  July 28th is The Captain's birthday and probably the only day of the year he lets me spoil him all day long.

July 28 Birthday cake 003

He told me not to bother baking a cake for him, and that he would be happy with some ice cream after our day’s outing… so I was really happy when I saw the ingredients in this lovely grain free and dairy free cake…. definitely something I could also sample, and share with him to celebrate his special day.

I knew he would love the texture ‘cause it is a heavy cake, very similar to pound cake and he does love that… and he certainly is a fan of coconut, and also ‘carmelly’  crumbly toppings.

The recipe calls for one one ingredient I didn’t have… coconut palm sugar… but after reading through the ingredient list I was pretty sure I could get away with using a dark brown sugar in its place… and it did work… very nicely.  Next time, though, I will solidify the coconut oil somewhat before mixing with the sugar because I think it will produce a drier, more crumbly topping.  I also may bake it for about 5 minutes less.

My Weight Watchers friends will surely balk at trying this recipe due to the N.I. and high P+ value per piece… but, hey, it’s CAKE after all.  And a delicious one at that.  And don't forget you don't HAVE to eat ice cream... bet a nice banana and/or berry 'soft serve' would be really good with this cake.

If grain free and dairy free suits you, do give it a try.  The recipe and instructions can be found here at this link… and some really nice pictures, too.  I calculated the N.I. myself.

I divided the cake into 8 slices… you could cut it into squares if you prefer. And of course you could make them smaller.

Per piece.
Weight Watchers P+ = 6.
Calories 234; Protein 4g; Carbohydrate 18g;  Fat 17g; Fibre 4g.

July 28  birthday 003
Folding the coconut flour, egg yolk, honey, vanilla mixture into the beaten egg whites.

July 28  birthday 004
Ready to put into the oven.

July 28  birthday 005
And cooling on the counter after baking.

July 28 Birthday cake 001
Topped with ice cream and a candle, of course…

July 28 Birthday cake 002
Happy Birthday, Dear Captain.  Happy Birthday to You. ♪♪

Are you a coconut fan?  

Have you ever baked a grain free cake?

What is your favorite birthday cake?


  1. Happy birthday to The Captain!

    I love coconut...surprisingly enough...I don't cook with it too often!

  2. I made one out of the wheatbelly book. More of a loaf actually. Very dense in texture, very filling, and not points friendly.
    DH didn't like it so I froze it, and now that you reminded me I need to dig it out and toss it, because that was a year or so ago that I made it :( (No wonder there's no room in my freezer...found a bunch of flat out wraps in there the other day too!)

  3. awesome! I'm Learning how to bake better with new flour!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! This looks truly amazing and it exemplifies that YOU CAN have your healthy cake and eat it too! :D

    Sadly, I have NO had cake in 11 years! How crazy is that!! Roasted butternut squash is my "cake"!


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