Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Latest Favorite Breakfasts… What is Yours?

For the past few years I have eaten eggs for breakfast almost every morning.  I have learned the hard way, through trial and error, that the more protein and the fewer starchy carbs I eat in the morning, the better... not only for me but for everyone around me!

When I don’t eat enough protein I get HANGRY… you know that feeling where you HAVE GOT to eat something, anything, right NOW… and you are cranky and shaky and lightheaded?  If you have never experienced this low-blood sugar craziness for yourself, you cannot possibly understand it.  It comes on suddenly and it causes a bit of panic and a lot of concern.

So, eggs for breakfast 'cause eggs are high in protein.  And I do happen to like them. I like them fried, poached, scrambled, and in omelets… with veggies, with fruits, and in faux pancakes and cakes along with a variety of ingredients.

But a few weeks ago, I participated in a 10 Spring Detox with Amber Williford.  It was an elimination diet and eggs were on the don’t eat list.  What was I going to eat for breakfast if I couldn’t have eggs?  Dairy products and nuts were also on the don’t eat list so no Greek yogurt with almond butter either... and certainly no whey protein powders.

What she did suggest was to have some berries along with coconut milk, some hemp protein powder, a few pumpkin seeds and some milled flax.

I tried it several different mornings and quite enjoyed it.  Now I often have a variation of these ingredients as a nice, cold alternative to an egg dish in the morning.  I usually use unsweetened almond milk, as nuts are not a problem for me, and usually I add a scoop of some kind of protein powder to the bowl as well.

 berries breakfast
Mixed berries with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla protein powder, and some cinnamon.

bananas and berries breakfast
Blueberries with unsweetened plain almond milk, vanilla protein powder, banana, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon.

I love these goodie bowls, and am so glad that am expanding my breakfast tastes!

Then a couple of days ago, I saw a post from Danielle Prestejohn on Facebook… and a picture of the breakfast she ate that day. It was scrambled egg whites with a bit of vanilla and cinnamon, some slices of banana, all drizzled with creamy peanut butter.  I had to try it for myself!

The first time out I forgot the vanilla… but it was wonderful just the same.

Egg Whites and Bananas
My peanut butter is the chunky kind so didn’t drizzle, even after heating in the mike.

Egg Whites Strawberries and Bananas
I made it again today and I remembered the vanilla. I had to admit it actually was a bit tastier… and I also added a few fresh, sweet strawberry slices… this almond butter was a better drizzle, too.  Awesome.

So, yes, eggs again.  But with a completely different twist and totally delicious.  Thank you, Danielle, for the great idea.

For the Weight Watchers among you, egg whites and fruit are Power Foods and do not need to be counted if you are following Simple Start or the Simply Filling Technique.  Just keep track of the amount of nut butter you are using… I only used 2 tsp so that is just 2 P+ on the Weight Watchers Points Plus program. 

Here are just a few links to some of my other favorite breakfasts:

Egg Foo Yung

Ham and Egg Baskets

Avocado and Egg Boats

banana protein cake

This can also be done with chocolate and is wonderful with berries!

For lots of other great ideas, please check out my BREAKFAST IDEAS link under the FEATURED RECIPES tab on my home page.  And you see anything you like, I would love to know about it…and do feel free to PIN and share. 

Do you have a favorite breakfast or do you like to change things up every day?


  1. Wow Elle, all of your breakfasts look amazing! I love how creative you got during the 10-day detox! The eggs and avocado boats are on my list of food to make soon.

    I normally go for a variation of veggies, beef, chicken and avocado :)

  2. So many great breakfast ideas here Elle! I'm the same way - I need protein in the morning otherwise I'm so cranky! I love the egg and avocado boat idea too!

  3. I'm totally with you on the eggs. I love having eggs with a TON of veggies!

  4. AVocado egg boats? I've got to try those!


  6. Reading this while I eat my open-faced HB egg on ww toast with a schmear of avocado! I really want to try those ham + egg baskets.

  7. As always more yummy looking eats!! I never thought of making that way as a sweet dish but it does look amazing! I'm usually a smoothie a day girl!

  8. Eggs and veggies 9 days out of 10. On the 10th day I eat oatmeal ;)

  9. WOW! everything looks so delicious! I pinned a few so I can remember when I am hungry for breakfast!! :)

  10. I agree that the ham and egg cups look pretty darn good.My favorite is a Belgium waffle, but unfortunately I don't get to eat that very often as it's not a particularly healthy start to the day.


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