Sunday, June 01, 2014

Al Fresco Lunches

Doesn’t everything just taste better when you eat it outside? 

We live in a fairly moderate climate where our temperatures are never extremely cold during the Winter months, so we enjoy being outdoors most of the year round.  A jacket or a sweater are often required during December and January, but at least we can be out.

But once April and May roll around, and our temperatures warm even more, al fresco meals become so much more appealing.  We love to sit outside and watch the world go by… and to enjoy the lovely view of the park across the street.

March 27 2014 park 003

Our patio balcony faces South South East so we have sun from early morning till about 1:30 every day.  Sometimes we take our morning coffee outside… and sometimes even breakfast. But my favorite meal to take outside is lunch.  And, it doesn’t have to be fancy… even the simplest fare somehow becomes special when you take it outdoors.

May 31 Lunch outdoors 001

Yesterday we opted to wait till the sun had moved around the corner a bit so it was a bit cooler… you can see we are still making good use of our melamine boat dishes!

May 31 Lunch outdoors 002
A tuna salad sandwich with veggie garnishes for The Captain.

May 31 Lunch outdoors 003
And tuna on greens with a cup of my Cauliflower Coconut Soup alongside.  At our house we normally make our own weekend lunches!

Do you like to eat outdoors where you live?  What is your favorite patio meal?


  1. I love eating lunch outside, or any meal really if the weather is cooperating. I think my favorite is grilled hamburgers. with a beer :)

  2. I love getting Whole Foods take out and eating it out on the patio or in the park :)

    1. Yes, takeout is a great option. I wish there was a Whole Foods in my city!


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