Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Curried Kabocha, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup

My latest Fall soup is thick and delicious!  I was going to use a butternut squash in this recipe, but when I cut the squash open, it was brown inside and I threw it out immediately… so The Captain spent a few uncomfortable minutes peeling the shell from a kabocha squash so I could use it instead.  The result… Curried Kabocha, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup.  Lovely.

Normally if I were going to use kabocha squash in soup, I would bake it first so that it can be easily scooped from its shell.  But there was no time to do that and it all turned out very nicely… but it is a difficult beast to peel raw so if you have time, do cook yours first. 

There is just a hint of curry in this soup. I think it is just right, but if you like more, by all means… go ahead and add it.  I also like to add a dollop of fat free Greek yogurt when I serve it… makes it creamy and just Heavenly.

You can use any kind of broth you prefer... I used my homemade turkey broth, but you could also use chicken stock or a vegetable broth if you want a vegan or vegetarian version.  I don't think it would change the taste much at all.

Curried Kabocha, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup

Curried Kabocha, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup
Makes 8 one-cup servings
  • 2 tsp coconut oil
  • 6 cloves garlic, peeled, smashed and minced
  • 1 cup white onion, cut into large dice
  • 3 cups stock of choice
  • 1 cup water
  • 5 cups kabocha squash, peel removed and cut into chunks
  • 2 cups carrots, cut into 1” lengths
  • 1 cup cauliflower, cut into chunks
  • 2 Tbs curry powder, more or less to taste
  • Salt and pepper to season 
  1. Melt coconut oil in large stockpot over MEDIUM heat. 
  2. Add onions and garlic and cook about 5 minutes, till translucent, taking care not to brown.
  3. Add the squash, carrots, and cauliflower and cook about 5 minutes more, stirring occasionally.
  4. Add the curry powder and stir to coat veggies.
  5. Add the stock and the water.
  6. Cover the pot with a lid, bring to boil, then reduce heat to SIMMER and cook for 45 minutes.
  7. Remove from heat and cool several minutes.
  8. Blend/purree till smooth.
  9. Serve hot with salt and pepper to season.
Per serving.
Weight Watchers P+ = 2.
Calories 61;  Protein 2g; Carbohydrate 11g; Fat 2g; Fibre 3g.

If you are following the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Techniquer or Simple Start, there is nothing to count… the coconut oil would only be 1/4 tsp per serving, therefore negligible.

Curried Kabocha, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup 2
Bring veggies and stock to the boiling poing, then cover, and let simmer for about 45 minutes.

Curried Kabocha, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup 3
Purre in stockpot with immersion blender for minimal cleanup.

Curried Kabocha, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup 4
To serve, season with salt and pepper, and garnish with Greek yogurt if you like.

Curried Kabocha, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup 5
Stir it in for maximum creaminess!

Curried Kabocha, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup 6
You can freeze the leftovers or store in the fridge if you will use them in a few days… just as tasty after reheating on the stove top!


  1. (((whispers)))) honestly I have never ever thought about freezing the leftovers of soup!!!


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