Sunday, March 16, 2014

It is Good to Be Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day

I am quietly proud of my Irish heritage… my Father’s grandparents came to Canada from Ireland and started a large and raucous family and I love to hear the stories, and look at the old family photos.  I recall that there was always plenty of fighting and drinking, music for dancing, and lots of laughter and love.  My own paternal Grandpa smoked a pipe and talked with a brogue, and he was hearty and rough, and I was always a bit in awe of him.

We have always celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day, of course. And it is the one day of the year I know I can count on hearing from my younger brother… even though our parents are gone, and the family is scattered so we are not together often, it connects us to each other. 

I love to celebrate in our home, by preparing a simple Irish meal for The Captain.  Sometimes, it is an Irish Stew with a nice soda bread and a pint of dark red beer (no Guinness for me) and sometimes it might be a more American “Irish” dish… a corned beef brisket with cabbage, and a potato bread.

This year, it will be a cottage pie and a wee drop of Irish Whiskey.  Ah… to be Irish on Saint Paddy’s Day… don’t you know there is nothing quite like it?

March 16 Irish 002

Here is are some Irish Recipes you might enjoy:

Mar 17 shamrock soft serve 002a

And here is another little something for you foodies to think about…

"Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat."
By Alex Levine

A wee bit of whiskey, a little more coffee, with sweetened whipped cream on the top.

How are you celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day?


  1. I love the essential four food groups!

  2. i'll wear a green shirt today :)

  3. I'm clueless about Irish recipes, so thank you for this!!

  4. I shall spend the day saying: "No, you can't pinch your sister! She doesn't own anything green." :) Great recipes!

  5. I'm not Irish, but my boys are. ;o)

    I love Irish coffee!

  6. Look at how green your soft serve looks!


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