Sunday, March 15, 2015

Epicure... Sharing a New Find

I just love to share good finds with my friends.  And this is a great find, believe me. A few weeks ago I attended an open house hosted by several consultants for a local company called EPICURE… are you familiar with it?  They sell a variety of items… silicone cookware, servingware, pots and pans, kitchen tools, and a large selection of teas, dip mixes, sauce mixed, and seasonings.

Their web site bills them as a 100% Canadian, family-owned, woman-led company committed to adding value to the lives of Consultants, Customers and Canadian communities.

I first became familiar with Epicure while working at the Weight Watchers booth at a local women’s fair a couple of years ago.  At that time I purchased a silicone Chipster.  We have used it a lot since then and I did review it in November of 2013.

Oct 12 Potato chips 001

Since then I have been keeping an eye on their catalogue and promotions so when I was invited to attend the open house I eagerly accepted.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with the way the evening unfolded.

It turned out to be very much like a home party… on a somewhat larger scale. There were several tables surrounded by both female and male guests.  Each table was nicely decorated with gift baskets full of Epicure goodies.  It turned out that they were door prizes to be given away and raffled off throughout the evening.

At the front of the room there was a small cooking area staged, and each of the consultants took a turn at putting together a drink or a food dish with Epicure products, that was then divided up and served to the guests for sampling.  They made a smoothie with one of their teas, chicken souvlaki and tzatziki, a microwave chocolate cake, and a veggie dip.

Everything was very tasty and put together so quickly. Most impressive!  I came away that evening with a little sampler of some dips, and ideas for using them. 

2015-02-20 11.14.02

And I had placed an order for some cute appie plates and the Greek seasonings kit.  Sad face here that I did not win one of those beautiful gift baskets!

When my order was delivered a week or so later, I dug right into the box!

2015-03-03 09.53.47

And I was really happy with what I found.   

The Greeks seasonings kit contains a jar of lemon dilly mix for tzatziki, a jar of souvlaki seasoning, and a jar of herbs for salad dressing.  And of course there are recipe cards for ideas to use them.

We used those appie plates that same day at cocktail hour and have used them many times since.  They will be just right for sushi too.

appie plates

The first meal I prepared with the Greek Seasonings was delicous.  I made Chicken Souvlaki from the Epicure recipe card, along with Tzatziki to top some baked potatoes.  The pictures aren’t much, but the meal was fabulous… quick and easy, just like they promised!

2015-03-04 17.32.59

And then a few days later, I made up some of the Greek Salad dressing.  I love Greek Salad and this dressing is just perfect!

2015-03-09 12.37.27

And later in the week I made another one... this time on a bed of Spring greens.

2015-03-14 11.27.08


I am so happy to have found these products, and thrilled that they are gluten free and packaged in a facility so close to my own home!  EPICURE.

And just in case you are wondering... no, I am not in any way affiliated with this company or the brand. I am just a very satisfied customer!

What is your favorite line of herbs and spices?

Have you heard of or used Epicure?


  1. YUM! I don't know if I have a favorite line of herbs and spices, but there's a local market in the catskills that has pizza seasoning that is on point :)

  2. I've not heard of this brand but it looks awesome. My favorite line of spices is Penzeys.

  3. I LOVE epicure stuff. Although, I did just sell my whole collection as I'm moving next week and trying to de-clutter! I LOVE red pepper jelly!! MMmmmm

  4. I love epicure stuff! Although I surprisingly have very little of it. I need to attend a party soon.

  5. I've never heard of Epicure before, but it sounds like a great line of spices!

  6. How fun! I have never heard of Epicure but I love trying new stuff!

  7. I haven't heard of this before, but it sounds awesome!

  8. Love Epicure, I have a whole shelf full and use them all the time. They are from Victoria

  9. I have never heard of epicure! I don't necessarily have a favorite line of spices, but I will say I put pepper and garlic salt on almost everything, LOL


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