Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#loveCDNbeef What is YOUR Burger Personality?

The Captain and I both grew up in Southern Alberta... that is cattle country, my friends. 

We ate Canadian Beef in my house 2 or 3 times a week.  My Mother was a pretty adventurous cook and she would make Swiss Steak, or Salisbury Steak, or meatloaf... we had lots of beef roasts at our Sunday dinner tables too, as well as the occasional steak.

But our favorite way to have Canadian Beef, was to turn dinner over to my Father, and have him light the barbecue!  We would mix some ground beef with chopped onions and salt and pepper, a bit of egg and perhaps some bread crumbs... and make patties that my Dad slapped on the grill and cooked till they were well done.... you could smell the aroma for blocks around and the neighbors always wished they had been invited to dinner.

Everyone had their own favorite ways to dress them up... but not me.  I am a NATURALIST when it comes to my burgers... I just want the beef!  No bun for me.... and perhaps only a bit of salt and pepper sprinkled on the top.

The Naturalist

This past week,  The Captain and I were guests at the home of his sister and her husband, and much to our delight, Sunday dinner was burgers on the BBQ. 

Our brother-in-law cooked the Canadian Beef burgers on the barbecue and then kept them hot in the oven while we assembled a few toppings and sliced some buns.

Can you tell which one is going to be mine?

Yes, there were lots of salads

 and condiments

to go alongside... but for me, that is the point - alongside,  not on top!  I just love the flavor of good ole Canadian Beef.

What's your Canadian Beef Burger personality?

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  1. Would I be cheating on Team Beef Montana if I did this? :) I love burgers, with cheese, and ketchup, not much else.


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