Monday, October 01, 2012

Pinning Recipes... Better Than Bookmarks!

I found Pinterest many months ago and admit to having spent a few hours there, surfing through thousands of pages when looking for furniture and decorating ideas while were in the throes of setting up our new apartment earlier this year.

I have created a few boards that are basically wishlists and inspirational posters and also one for craft ideas.

But the most useful application to me... the one that I use Pinterest for very often, is to keep track of recipes that I want to try.  I have a Gluten-Free board, a Wheat-Free board and a couple of others where I Pin pretty pictures of recipes I might like to try.  And I do refer to it from time to time for ideas... I don't always follow them to the letter, but at least they give me a place to start.

Here are some examples of Pins I have used, either for (p)inspiration or for a to-the-letter recipe, that also led to a blog post.

 Wheatfree Recipes from Ireland - Wheat-Free Potato Bread
This led to my post:

Pinned Image

Gourmet Runner: EASY Coconut Chicken Curry  This looks wonderful.
Coconut Chicken Curry

This led to my post:

Pinned Image
Pinning these pictures and links on a board gives me a better visual recall than 'bookmarking' them in my web browser. 

UPDATE... since this post was published, I have learned that a recipe may not always be there when you go back to check your Pins!  All of these recipes have been removed or the sites have disappeared.  Sad for me... but a warning to you to make sure you also record any recipes you want to use again... so you don't lose them!
Do you Pin?  What is your favorite way to use Pinterest?


  1. Elle, I am JUST like you! I have shelves full of cookbooks, but to be honest, it takes too long to find what I'm looking for most weeknights. I use Pinterest almost exclusively as a virtual recipe file. I can easily remember that I pinned a recipe about XXX and can always find it when I need it!

    Only trick is making sure I don't spill ingredients on my laptop when it's sitting open to a recipe I'm making!

  2. I'll take some of those crepes!

  3. Yes, I pin! Only, your recipes are usually the pretty ones I am pinning. I LOVE using Pinterest for recipes and agree with you - I find that the most useful thing of all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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