Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christie O's Crock Pot Balsamic Pork with Onions

I am so excited to share this delicious meal with you! 

It is called Crock Pot Balsamic Pork with Onions and I found it on a blog that I love and read regularly called Average Moms Wear Capes.  In just a few words, Christie is an energetic and enthusiastic Florida Gal who wears a variety of caps (and capes) with the labels Mom, Runner, and Writer, to name only a couple.  I always look forward to getting her blog posts in my inbox.

This dish is just too good not to pass along... and it all comes together so easily that you will want to make it again and again.   It is the season for crock pots, so get yours out, wipe off the dust and get cooking!

Start with a pork roast, some onions, dark balsamic vinegar, water, salt and pepper... layer them in the crock pot....

Cook it all up for a few hours... then thicken and sweeten the sauce and serve.  It's just that easy!

The Captain loves potatoes so I spooned some of the sauce over them like gravy.  Delicious.
And I had mine with some kabocha squash.
The pork is so succulent and so tender after cooking in the crock pot all day, and it just falls apart when removed.    We had the leftovers the next night with some rice and veggies.  Next time I will make a larger batch and freeze the leftovers... there are pork loins on sale at one of my local markets this week and I am on my way to get some.
Please check out the recipe and instructions as Christie wrote them  and when you comment there, please tell her I sent you... and then go plug in your crock pot!
And for my Weight Watchers friends... I didn't calculate the N.I. of this dish.  The numbers are going to depend on the kind of pork roast you use, and the number of servings  you get out of the recipe.  My pork roast was only very lean and about 1 pound so I halved the ingredients and it made 4 ample servings.  I would think you should get at least 8 servings out of the ingredients Christie describes... and the P+ value would be approximately 7 or 8 for the pork, onions, and sauce.  Very reasonable.
Are you a crock pot fan? 
Do you say 'slow cooker' or 'crock pot'?


  1. I SOOO was a slow cooker fan when I lived more north.
    now that Im moving to cooler climes again I need to get me another one :-)

  2. These crock pot posts every one has this fall are making me WANT a crock pot! This sounds so good! I just don't know where I'd put one more gadget in my kitchen.

  3. when we ate meat, pork was one of my fav things to make in the crockpot!

  4. I love my crock pot!! This looks awesome!!!

  5. wow this recipe looks yummy! I am definitely a crockpot fan! They are the easiest recipes ever!

  6. I had a crock pot many years ago. Now I don't. But this recipe sounds perfect for my boys. I would like the sauce over squash maybe. And I agree with your opinion about Christie; I've gotten some good snack recipes off of her!

  7. Put this on to cook when I came home from working night shift. Easy to prepare and yummy. I woke up and added some potatos about an hour before it was finished (my hubby likes spuds and they went well with the glaze. Will definately make again, would be good with pork chops too...they would be wholely immersed in the cooking sauce I think.


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