Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuna Quinoa Cakes from The Lean Green Bean

I came across this recipe a couple of days ago and it appealed to me immediately.  I love sweet potatoes, the dark orange ones that we Canadians (incorrectly) like to call yams, and quinoa and tuna... but I certainly never would have thought to put them all together and make 'burgers', or as Lindsay calls them 'cakes'.

They are delicious... you have to try this out.  The only change I made was in the selection of yogurt.  I would use Chobani if I were able to get it here...  so I used a different Greek yogurt.  But I do think any fat free plain yogur t would work.

I did make this up into 6 patties (actually The Captain made them) and baked them in the oven.  We had 2 each for dinner and I am saving the other 2 for our lunch tomorrow. I served them warm on a pile of romaine, spinach, sliced tomatoes,red peppers, mushrooms,and cucumbers, and then drizzled EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and dark balsamic vinegar over the top.

The Captain raved about them, and suggested we try the leftovers cold over salad greens tomorrow.  You cannot imagine my pleasure at actually hearing him suggest we have salad for lunch.  Lindsay, you are a miracle worker!

I am linking to Lindsay's recipe, on The Lean Green Bean, rather than copying it for you here. 
I did calculate the N.I. though and here is how it stacks up...

Per serving of 1 cake without EVOO and vinegar.
Weight Watchers P+ = 2.
Calories 95; Protein 13g; Carbohydrate 9g; Fat 1g; Fibre 1g.

I mixed the egg, yogurt, lemon juice, and mustard in a small bowl and then added it to the other ingredients.

Formed cakes ready to bake in the oven.  We put them on foil coated with a non-stick spray but they did stick a bit so be careful when removing them from the pan after cooking.

Makes a lovely presentation...

And so tasty and nutritious.  I just know they will be good cold as well.

Lindsay also suggested that this recipe would work with salmon instead of tuna and I am sure she is right... I will be trying it soon!

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  1. amazing!!! yours look so good! so glad you guys liked them :) i'm definitely drizzling mine with balsamic next time.


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